For the past few months, I’ve been researching some new trends that I would like to specialize and dive into. My Main background is PHP and Node Web Development ( Mostly backend and a little bit of front-end). I researched some trends on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, AR / Virtual Reality, Modern Web Development ( Vue JS, and React JS ), Progressive Web Applications and lastly the Blockchain Technology.

The technology that really picks my curiosity is the blockchain technology which I’ve been exploring last year mainly for trading and investment purposes. And last month, I decided to explore and dive into this technology and possible build a career in this technology sometime in the future.

Reasons Why I want to Become a Blockchain Developer

  • I was excited and curious about the technology of the bitcoin and other blockchain technology.
  • There are a lot of computer science concepts that have been applied to creating the next wave of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.
  • There is a low supply of the blockchain developer.
  • The nerd in me who like to dive into that complicated stuff that no one wants to deal with
  • I would like to be part of the community in the blockchain development ( I attended a lot of different tech meetups for the past 3 years but not really immersed in a particular community). This time I would like to really focus on this field.

My Progress in My First Month Learning Blochain Development

Date Started: September 24, 2018

There is a lot of platform for blockchain technology, but I decided to dive first on understand the Bitcoin Technology and fundamentals course to have a sense of familiarity on how things work at the technical level. I’ve started first with those free online course in Coursera and BlockGeeks.

Meetups and Careers

  • Got referred by my friend who works in blockchain development startup ( I didn’t get the positions ’cause they are looking for someone with experience in blockchain development. )
  • Luckily, I’ve got to talk to their blockchain developer and I meet him in one of the blockchain meetups. He gives me some insights on what are the things that need to learn and how the blockchain development really looks like. His experience mostly building cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Attended local meetups on how to build your Building Scalable Games using Loom and Ethereum Blockchain
  • Joined PH blockchain groups in facebook and telegram

Courses and Coding

  • CE100: Intro to Cryptoeconomics – Completed
  • Coursera: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies – Princeton University – In Progress
    • I started here, they immediately dive into the nitty-gritty details of the blockchain development ( Cryptography and Hashes). I’ve got bored and my brain could not understand yet what they are saying ’cause it was too technical.
    • So I switch to reading other others articles then I found the BlockGeeks which much simpler. I might need to get back to here it soon.
  • Understanding the basic on What is Blockchain, What is Proof Work, What is Proof of State, Game Theory.
  • Creating a blockchain with Javascript – Youtube
  • Finish Course on the Ethereum and Solidity Course and Get my first Certificate
    • Learned to use React JS ( as the front-end tools to integrate the smart contract )
    • I start to love the React JS since my main experience is using jquery and Vue.js. Handling and passing the data seems really smooth.
    • Ethereum Networks
    • Deploying smart contract in Rinkeby Network
    • Use the Infura API for simpler access of the smart contract deployed
    • React JS to interface the web3 library

Consistently code in the GitHub ( Projects)

Started the challenge of 100DaysOfCode

  • While I’m on my own learning the blockchain technology, I stumble upon with the blog post about consistently coding and tracking your progress through 100DaysOfCode. The rule is you will code at least 1 hr a day consistently and share your progress on Twitter.
  • The 100Days of Code mainly focus on coding to add a little bit spice into it, I also track some of the articles and youtube videos that I use to learn. It seems coding is just a small portion of the learning process.
  • Uses the Anki to make the information retain more in my head so that I could easily recall it. I’m not really taking exams or anything, I just like the idea to be able to easily recall particular concepts and explain it to someone.


Yey!, it feels a lot happen in 1 month, but there still more to learn in the blockchain development space.

Some References that I used to learned things online

Things to Improve

  • It seems I would like to blog more on the things I learned on the way, since writing monthly logs on the experience seems a lot. I like the bite chunk of ideas rather than the full-length reviews.
  • Consistently blog to summarize what I learned and people might find it useful if they decide to be a blockchain developer.

Interesting Observations in the Blockchain Industry in the Philippines

  • NEM Community is active in spreading the awareness of blockchain technology in a lot of College University. It seems daily they are in different schools.
  • BitPinas – Great for getting news in blockchain development awareness
  • CEZA ( Cagayan Economic one Authority) of the Philippines with NEM – They are planning to build a Blockchain Hub in PH Economic Zone. “TBlockchain education hub will have an education center, a shared space for working or studying, and a place where companies and individuals can hold blockchain events. This hub which will have its home in Sta. Ana Cagayan has another branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. NEM aims to establish more sites in Australia and New Zealand. ” ~ from Bitpinas website

What’s Next?

  • Challenge me and join in Hackathon in the Makati, Philippines.
  • Attend more local meetups on blockchain development ( Not trading and investment in cryptocurrency )
  • Finish IBM Blockchain Essentials For Developers
  • Finish the CryptoZombies Challenge
  • Finish Pet Shop – dApps
  • Learned how to set up a local development environment in Ethereum ( I mostly use the Remix to build and start the smart contract )
  • Learned other concepts in the blockchain
    • Proof of Existence
    • Proof of Authority
    • Zero-Knowledge Protocol ( zkSnarks )
    • Understand the Fault Tolerance
  • Develop small dApps by the end of the month from Scratch
  • Possible Volunteer in the community for blockchain meetups ( I’ve been wanting to do it in a long time).

Links for log on My #100DaysOfCode | #100DaysOfBlockchain

If you like you can follow on my Twitter to see my progress on learning blockchain development.