Today, I’ll just use this opportunity to reflect on my progress on writing. The things that I’ve written and some things that I’ve changed me so far when undergoing the process.

I’m currently doing a crossposting of what I’ve written here in my blogs so that I have a copy on my own.

Unexpected Themes for topics

So far here is the list of what I’ve written about:

  1. Moving from Consumer to Creator 
  2. Thinking Beyond Your Todo List 
  3. Finding Gem in a Lots of Crappy Ideas 
  4. Music for Maximum Focus 
  5. Subscribing to Few Projects 
  6. Busy and Ignored the Feelings 
  7. Changing of My Reading Preferences Shape My Career Path Freestyle 
  8. Freestyle Learning 
  9. Reinventing Yourself Every 5 Years
  10. Sense of Time, Space and Self 
  11. Learning Things for Making Things 

I realised that most of the things that I’ve written here have some sort of themes like on focusing on creating, retaining focus and not get distracted. applying knowledge in getting things done. I guess it’s because this is something that I would like to tell myself from time to time. It’s kinda like I’m writing for my own pleasure.

Problems that I encounter

During the process of writing, I encounter some problems and I made some quick fix on my flow to make it smoother.

1. Coming up with the idea

 It’s hard to come up with the idea every day on what to write and make it interesting.

 I try to dump the idea of 7 topics that I will be writing about but I end up not writing about it. I always end up choosing what I feel most about writing ( I guess you can’t really schedule the creative writing without the topics to have some sort of connection with you ).

NEXT Action:  I’m thinking of creating apps that will pick any topic in my idealist and I will just write about it ( ‘cause I hate the moment when I sit down and I don’t know what to write. Maybe, I will just let my code decide what to write).

2. Writing before the end of the day

I hate this nagging feeling in my head that always speaking that I should write something before the end of the day. It feels like it affects other things that I’m doing

Solution:  I started to do it first in the morning before I do anything else so that I’m no longer bothered by this voice.

3. I’ve got distracted by the red lines when writing

The red wiggly line was really annoying when you try to get into the flow

 I said to myself that you could always edit after you have written all

Solution: Turn off the spelling check or use other software that doesn’t have spell check.

4. A problem in getting started

I find it somewhat hard to get started in letting the words out


I try to create first a quick bullet list for the flow of what I will going to write

I’m currently using the software in Mac called “Cold Turkey Writer”. What does it do is that it will give you an option on how many words you want to type or how long you want to type and it will focus on that app only. You can’t switch and alt-tab until you reach the number of words you type or

This really helps me to just write and it makes me treat it as the most important thing that I need to get done.

5. The thoughts of skipping the day

I have this weird experience when I don’t feel like writing at all.

Some excuses of myself:

“ I don’t feel like writing at all and I don’t know what to write”

“Well I just only have 4 streaks and it’s not that really big. I could always get back those again”. In this thoughts, I try to trick myself. I start to imagine that I’ve already had 100 writing streaks and I don’t want to lose it. Man, it makes a huge difference and it makes me write immediately ‘cause I don’t want to lose those 100 streaks.

In the End

Those are the things that I’ve observed on myself and made some changes but I’m glad that I start and I didn’t give in the middle.

I would like to achieve my new goal to extend the writing until 50 and then 100 streaks. Just a vanity metrics for myself so that I will continue writing.