Interesting observations in myself:

When I start my career I mostly focus on the learning programming language, frameworks, and new cool tech but I don’t have an idea what to develop. Just a pure joy of learning. Learning for the sake of learning.

And now, I slow down on learning new cool tech. The effect is that I have a lot of ideas for software to develop. Not bad trade-offs since I could now use this knowledge of tech to develop something on my own.

It was easy to fall into a trap on endless learning of frameworks without actually building something out of it (This is me a few years ago).

Maybe it boils down to what your goals are if you want to be good in the eyes of the recruiter or you want to build something on your own.

My thinking back then I’ll hoard this knowledge and probably It would be useful sometime in the future.

My philosophy in learning change into: I will do everything to learn the technology to be able to get the task done. Not learning technology and find where I could apply it.

I guess this quote really encapsulates what I’m trying to say to myself:

“Knowledge is not power. It is potential power. It is the application of knowledge that leads to power”. ~Napoleon Hill

To sum it all, this is one of my frustrations ‘cause I didn’t build much personal side projects back then. Mostly I’ve built projects for work and clients. This is really painful realizations for me but I’m happy that I’ve got still have time to correct it.

This is just a note to my past self and probably will be a useful reference for my future self.