When you are an introvert person you realized that you know that you only have few friends and you are comfortable with that.

But the most painful part of being introvert is that when one of your friends that you really close to suddenly stop talking to you for some unknown reasons ( Maybe you did something bad to them that you are not aware ).

It seems they occupy some space in your heart and now it’s empty. There are times you don’t know how to fill those void.

The void that could only be occupied by doing other things that make you stuff productive or forget about it.

You know that it’s not really a big deal but sometimes it feels like there is some part of you that is missing.

Maybe it’s part of being a young adult. It’s like when you are a still child and you have a lot of playmates but now they are gone or go somewhere else.

Maybe it happens because there might be new people that will be going to come to your life.

You can’t do anything about it because it’s part of life.

As a lot of people saying, Life happens.