It really fascinates me whenever I’m subscribing only to few projects/activities because I tend to get deeper on the particular problem (Especially when programming/coding).

It helps me to knock down a lot of problems on the way because I keep thinking about and strategizing on how would I attack that problem.

Sometimes problems get solved while I was sleeping and when I wake up I already know the answer.

Unlike if I have plenty of things I’ve subscribed to and I tend to jump from one thing to another without having depth thinking on a particular problem. The quality of the output really sucks. If coding would be like art, it would be like art without a soul.

Maybe I should keep things this way to get more things done.

It’s like I’m an artist or scientist trying to solve a great problem that requires continuous thinking without interruption.

I always get pulled in a different direction and it seems I’m out of control. So right now I’m trying to control where my attention and time when through.

So it’s better to filter out the noise in this world of full of distraction and just subscribe to a few projects.



This blog post initially on my tumblr account. I just paste it here as it is ’cause I wanted to preserve some of my thoughts at those times so that I have something to look back. Just letting the title as is.