The moment that you realized that you become so absorbed in technology trends (programming, coding, startup, entrepreneurship, future, tech blogging, business) and there is another side of you that wants to wake up slowly as it came from a decade of sleeping. It’s calling your attention from time to time but you are just plain ignoring it.

It’s another half of me that I’ve buried a long time ago. It seems that I tried to become busy as much as possible so that I couldn’t think the other side of me but whenever I’m on downtime, it always whisper something in my ear. It is kind of feeling that you have a real connection to someone (In a romantic way). The feeling of you has someone to talk and share what you feel. Someone you could share your dream. Someone you could talk deeply about anything.
I think it is the right time now to pay attention to that whisper. To give some attention so that I could still be in the balance and harmony in life. To be open to other possibilities, try new things. I don’t want to be too robotic that only working, coding and thinking. It’s a good chance now to try to live in the moment, to appreciate things, to deeply love someone. It’s been a while since I have someone in my head that I always think and maybe it feels about time to be available to look for brand new.
It is not that I am lonely or sad or anything. It just feels right that I need to have some sort of balance. The kind of balance that is completely opposite on what I am usually doing. It is like a Yin Yang that needs each other in order to stay in control and prevent the possible chaos.
I convince myself that I am just becoming a busy and forgot to love.

Update 1 May 19, 2018 :  

Funny thing is that you didn’t act match on this thought. The good thing is I’ve started to feel much more connected with myself (LOL). I’m refining my purpose as of the moment and I now have a better understanding of this particular need.

This is just part of what Mashlows Hierarchy of Needs. It’s level three which is the Love/belonging level which somehow I was lacking last year because I was consumed in the technology and all this thing that I love to do.

This blog initially on my tumblr account. I just paste it here as it is ’cause I wanted to preserve some of my thoughts at those times so that I have something to look back. Just letting the title as is.