There are a lot of my friends who always consult me on what technology or apps that they could use for a specific task. Since they know that I’m always in front of the computer I’ve given a recommendation that really fit on their needs. So I think of an idea to of compiling it so that I could share it wider reader who needs it. This tagline “Simple Tech Solution for Complex Lives” seems suitable for this blog since I will be sharing my knowledge about the experience in Technology especially useful software/apps for your digital life, programming experiences for aspiring developer, startup and entrepreneurship journey.

  • Useful Software / Apps – Since there are a lot of apps out there on the internet it is so hard to find the best one that would really fit in your needs. Since I’ve more into technology I could give you some recommendation on what I’ve used before to become more efficient and get things done.
  • Programming Experience – This area of technology seems so intimidating for a lot of beginner to get started. I know that I am not fully expert in this area but I would like to share my thoughts on this since I’ve been programming since 4th year High School ( just a basic static HTML ). You will find here some helpful tips to get started and to continue to hone your skills in programming. I will not dive too much into the technical details of programming like the syntax and variable. There is plenty of resource about it. What I will offer is some sort of tips and tricks on programming like ( How to get started, How to learn a new programming language, How to learn faster than anyone else ).
  • Books Review – I would like to share my notes as well on the different books that I’ve read before that helps me to become a better person. It will range to business, self-improvement, motivation , startup and entrepreneurship. I will give some summary of the book so that you could have a better idea on what it is all about and what I’ve learned from it.
  • Business , Entrepreneurship and Startup – This area really fascinated me. I know that I don’t have yet full knowledge in this area but I would like to share my journey about it. I want to have my Tech Company soon because I love solving problems and building stuff using technology .

Who I am

My name’s Christopher Deuda, Web Developer by profession who started tinkering in programming at the age of 16. From that age, I’ve never found any hobby that is much more enjoyable than programming. After getting a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science I’ve joined a Starfish Internet Solution, it focuses on web design and development. I’ve started them as a Junior Backend Web Developer and eventually become Lead Web Developer. And now I’m currently part of a team that is building awesome things in Machine Venture, it is a Startup Incubator that transforms ideas into the company .

In my free time, I love attending tech meetups, joining hackathon, tinkering with programming languages and reading a range of books about business, self-improvement, technology, entrepreneurship, and startup.

How to pronounce my last name: Deuda: De-yu-da. There are a lot of people who find my name very challenging to pronounce when they are reading it so I have to take it slowly and explain to them. But you could call me Chris to make it simpler.


My blog would be full of interesting topics that you will find very useful about software/apps, programming experience, book review, and business, entrepreneurship, and startup. I am really excited to put my knowledge into this blog.

On my next post, I’ll be writing some interesting content that you might found useful.

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