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Role: Project Lead, Backend Web Developer
Technologies: PHP , Laravel 5.1, WordPress , REST-API,
HTML & CSS, X-Theme

The Development Process

The client need a custom management system to be able to be able to showcase their books.

At the beginning, we develop the Custom Enterprise backend using Laravel Framework . At those times, I’m not yet fully familiar in using the Laravel Framework but I already use other framework to be able to develop an advanced custom application. I have  to learn the tools on the go to be able to develop the custom CMS so that they could add the contents in the frontend.

During those time, Starfish Internet Solutions is not yet using the WordPress to be able to use the development a simple content management system so we could it from the scratch using the framework. And it feeds the data in the Website using our created API.

At the later stage of the development, Our team decide to change and move the front-end into WordPress to be able to develop the website that is easy to edit by the client . Initially, it was created with the basic html/css without the wordpress ).

Since we wanted to keep the Custom CMS that we develop, we need to integrate it in the wordpress via some custom code that I created.

Quick Company Background.

Abiva Publishing House, Inc. is the pioneer textbook publisher and bookseller in the Philippines. Since then, Abiva has been successfully partnering with educators all over the country in enriching the quality of Philippine education by providing learners with excellent educational materials. Abiva Publishing also makes sure that educators can keep up with the times by producing quality educational materials that cater to the ever-changing needs of 21st century learners.




Abiva Product Listing

Abiva Product Listing with Category as Sidebar

Abiva Product Listing Page it shows all of the Books available in particular category. Most of the products are coming from the enterprise which the front-end get using REST-API.


Product details page with inquiry button

Product Details Page with Inquiry button

The Products details page allow the user to view all of the information . When they want to get the product all they need to do is click the Add to inquiry button.


Careers Page.

Careers Page.

Teachers Articles Page.

Teachers Articles Page.

Abiva Enterprise Product CMS

Abiva Enterprise Product CMS

Abiva Enterprise Product CMS is another website that store all of the products that will be display in the main website. It allows the admin to add different products. They could add , edit and delete product in the enterprise.

Abiva Enterprise Category Editor

Abiva Enterprise Category Editor

Abiva Enterprise Category Editor allows the admin to modify the category that will be display in the website. This helps the admin to easily manage the complex categories of their product.