Chris Thinking

I’m Chris

PHP Backend Developer who loves to deep my toes front-end with knowledge of handling and managing server.


Hello. Welcome to my site. I’m Chris.

I started tinkering with programming at the age of 16. I immediately enjoyed it tremendously: making your code work the way you expect it to feels like magic at your fingertips.

I’m now 28, and what used to be a hobby is now an essential part of my professional career after I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. As much as I love theoretical Computer Science, I always make sure to get my hands dirty by playing around with new technologies and building side-projects.

Over the last four years, I worked with digital agencies and several startups in small teams with varying skills and talents, both as a corporate employee for two years and as a freelancer for another two years. I love working in startups, I’m not afraid to wear many hats, even outside of my current domains of expertise.

In my free time, I love attending tech meetups, participating in hackathons, and tinkering with programming languages. I also appreciate reading books about business, self-improvement, technology, entrepreneurship, and startups. Lately, I’ve been writing a lot in my personal blogs and with different writing communities.

Recent work

Web Application Development

If you have a brillant idea that you want to bring to life using web technologies

Content Management System

I will help you to setup the tools you need like Photo Gallery, Content Management System , Membership and Product Inventory for your Ecommerce. They are easy and simple to use.

System Analysis and Design

I will assess your business on how we could use the technology to make your business run smooth

Third Party API Integration

I will help you to integrate external API / Software to your website

Landing Page

If you need a one page website to explain your product or services to drive more sales in your business

Hosting / Server

If you need help setting up your hosting so that you don’t need to deal with technicalities

Website Optimization

If your WordPress website running slow and taking time to load, I could help you to make it run faster through optimization.

Website Troubleshooting

If your website doesn’t work and you are experiencing error, I will help you to fix it so that it will works the way it’s expected to be.


My crazy skills

WordPress / CMS
Backend Skill
Web Application Development

NodeJs/Adonis JS
API Development
PHP Laravel
Hosting and Server Management
Vue Js

And the last

If there is anything that you would like to ask, please get in touch – I’ll be happy to help you. 🙂